Vanishing Breed: Jupiter’s Dog-Friendly Beaches

Jupiter is known throughout Florida for its welcoming attitude – but even native Floridians are sometimes surprised to learn we’ve also laid out the welcome mat for our four-legged population.

With nearly 2-1/2 miles of “dog-friendly” beach, Jupiter Beach features one of the only Florida beaches where furry friends are welcome, whether they’re local or tourists. Well-behaved owners and their dogs  are permitted from north of the Juno Beach lifeguarded area to south of the Carlin Park lifeguarded area. The beach is well-marked with signs to let everyone know where the “no dogs on beach” sections begin and end.

There are a few rules to follow so everyone has a good time; respectful conduct and common sense will help ensure the park’s availability for the next generation of canine companions! Here are the basics:

• Dogs must be under their owners’ control at all times. All dogs must always wear a leash between your car and the beach, when near children, at water fountains or at crossovers. If your best friend can’t be counted on to respond to voice controls every time, keep the leash on.

• Clean up after your dog. Don’t bury poop in the sand, don’t throw it in the dunes, and don’t toss it in the ocean; if you’ve forgotten your own bags, there are dispensers at every crossover. And for all other trash, please don’t litter: pack it in, pack it out.

• Respect others. Dogs are never allowed in lifeguarded areas of the beach; when you see “no dogs allowed” signs, respect those boundaries. And don’t let your dog invade the space of other people or their dogs unless invited.

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