Stand Out In a Crowd: Selling Jupiter Properties In Planned Communities

One of the difficulties some property owners face when selling a home in a planned community — even popular developments like Abacoa, Frenchman’s Creek or Egret Landing — is making their offering stand out from everything else available there. Indeed, while there’s really no such thing among Jupiter real estate as a “cookie cutter home” any more, there’s still a sense among some buyers that one house in a given development is much the same as the next — and there’s a lot of pressure to try to make yours stick in the buyer’s mind.

We often advise our clients who are selling in these areas to get back to basics in terms of their property’s appearance — when in doubt, fall back on curb appeal. This means that before you even think about staging your home, much less an actual showing, the first job is getting your yard not just in order, but in exceptional shape. Professional yard clean-up companies are surprisingly affordable, and they can handle jobs like removing dead branches and leaves, as well as trimming hedges and trees to where they look well-kept and cared-for.

Don’t just mow the lawn; if it has brown patches or areas that are barren, re-seed well in advance of putting your home on the market — or go straight to new sod. And make sure every planter has a lovely blooming flower or healthy green plant in it, and ensure every bed is clean of debris and well-edged.

If you have a walk-up that includes concrete or stone work, or bricks and pavers that are part of a visitor’s first impression, make sure they’re in tip-top shape as well. Patch and seal any cracks, and straighten loose pavers to ensure a seamless, memorable entry to your home!

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