Reconnecting over Facebook

I love what I do everyday but when the day comes that I have the honor of representing friends it rises to another level. Reconnecting with a college friend over Facebook and picking up right where we left off 30 years ago. When she asked if I would help her find a house in Florida do you think this girl has to think twice!!!! 

Not only did we find the perfect house but we negotiated an incredible purchase price. $70,000 under appraised value and we also got the furniture thrown into the deal.  Now they can go straight hone form the closing and start enjoying their new life.SOmetimespaige

Now I get to spend the next 30 years growing our friendship stronger and growing old together!! I don’t know who is more excited them or me???? 

It took us time and a few trips down to really focus in on what kind of a lifestyle they wanted. We worked hard, searched hard and at the end of the day we know we found the right house to make their home!! Welcome to Florida my friends…… your going to LOVE it here!!!! ❤️❤️

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