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Talking Real Estate: Abacoa Clients Ask, Why Do We Need Earnest Money?

One of the more common questions about real estate Jupiter clients have — particularly among those for whom the home they are about to purchase is their first — is about the earnest money deposit. What is earnest money, and why is it so important?  Earnest money is a way to let a buyer know […]

Tips For Real Estate: Evergrene Initial Pricing Can Be Critical

One thing that’s certain about spring: property owners across the state are getting ready to put their real estate on the market. But when it comes to pricing real estate, Palm Beach Gardens sellers might be making a big mistake when they first list their property. Why? They’re asking too much. At first it might […]

Quick Fixes: Showing Real Estate Abacoa Buyers Want

We’ve been to, and hosted, a lot of home showings over the years — and we mean a lot. When it comes to real estate, Jupiter buyers are all unique individuals looking for slightly different things; but when it comes to showing real estate, Palm Beach County real estate professionals all agree there are a […]

Buying Smaller Homes For Sale: Florida Buyers Say Less Is More

We’re all susceptible to the uniquely American paradigm of believing “bigger is always better.” Some of the homes and condos for sale Florida buyers find most attractive are often the larger waterfront homes Florida is known for having a lot of beautiful high-end properties, and when buyers reach a certain threshold in terms of budget […]

Stand Out In a Crowd: Selling Jupiter Properties In Planned Communities

One of the difficulties some property owners face when selling a home in a planned community — even popular developments like Abacoa, Frenchman’s Creek or Egret Landing — is making their offering stand out from everything else available there. Indeed, while there’s really no such thing among Jupiter real estate as a “cookie cutter home” any […]