Must Knows Before Purchasing A Home in Palm Beach

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Home in Palm Beach County


Many homebuyers in Palm Beach County are relocating from many other parts of the country, and an increasing number of purchasers are relocating from other countries. Palm Beach County is home to many second home buyers, retirees, relocating families in search of a better quality of life and escaping the winter blues.


The process can be fun and exciting but at times can become emotional and stressful! It is important to educate yourself prior to jumping in and understand how the process works in the state and county you’re purchasing in. Local laws and policies vary from state to state and county to county making it crucial to understand the process before you begin to avoid surprises and complications before they arise.


Firstly, it is not mandatory that you have legal representation during the home purchasing process but certainly encouraged. In the State of Florida legal representation is not mandatory, realtors prepare the sales and purchase contract and title companies handle the closings and settlement paperwork preparation. At Fine Living Realty of the Palm Beaches, we highly encourage buyers to understand the terms of the contract and addendums prior to signing any paperwork.


If you are alarmed or concerned, always ask before you sign anything!


If the contract is signed and accepted by the seller, the contract is a legally binding document. We can choose from two different contracts in Palm Beach County for the sale and purchase of real property; the standard contract and the “as-is” contract. Your agent should discuss the differences between the two and choose the contract that specifically protects you and your needs.


It is important to protect your offer with built in contingencies specific to your needs and any issues about the property that may be concerning. Contingencies are for your protection and are extremely important when writing a contract. For instance, if there is evidence of any leaks or water damage you should protect yourself with a mold addendum. Mold can be a very serious issue and must be addressed in the contract you submit to the seller. There are standard contingencies built into the body of the contract that protect you in regards to your financing the purchase and the condition of property. However, if you are purchasing in a community that is governed by a home owners association, you can and should request a copy of the governed rules and bylaws of the community to review to help you make an informed purchase decision and avoid surprises.




If you are financing your home and getting a mortgage, it is critical that you work with a reputable, experienced mortgage broker who is familiar with the local state procedures. After all, you have spent a lot of time and hard work searching for the perfect home to purchase for your family and negotiated a contract that is acceptable to both you and the seller. This is no easy feat!!! Now it’s time to put the transaction into the hands of a mortgage broker to get the approval process started.


It is crucial to get the paperwork submitted to the lender immediately following the execution of the contract, and imperative that you follow the dates and timeline spelled out in the contract!


Buying a home can be a very excited time in your life and a very stressful one too! Working with an experienced realtor and a qualified team of professionals can make all the difference to ensure a successful and positive experience. Make sure when choosing an agent you that work with one who is experienced, knowledgeable about the paperwork needed to protect you, has a list of contacts that will be needed throughout the process.


If you are in the market to purchase a home, whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned buyer, I would be honored to share my experience and knowledge of the area with you. I have been selling real estate for 23 years with my husband and partner, Fred Locke. We live and breathe real estate and would love to meet with you and learn about how we can put our experience to work for you!!!



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